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Need some inspiration for your kitchen?

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I get asked all the time as an agent, how do I make my kitchen more expensive looking for potential buyers? Well, this is a hard question because each house, like a fingerprint, is different and unique. I came across this wonderful article on HGTV that explains this issue.


RMS user njhaus had more in mind for this modern kitchen remodel than fancy appliances. “The kitchen was designed with my husband in mind, who uses a wheelchair. We lowered the counters to make it easier for him to reach the cooktop. The lower counter at the island is table height so he can wheel right in. The features are integrated seamlessly (without) being obvious or less functional for everyone else”

Read more at http://www.hgtv.com/decorating-basics/before-and-after-inspiration-remodeling-ideas-from-rate-my-space/pictures/index.html