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Luxury in the Sky! New Luxury Apartments and Condos are Springing Up

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Luxury Apartment and Condo Expansion Brings New Options

North Water Apartments

Across the country the real estate recovery continues in the form of luxury apartment and condominium units coming online.

I’ve had my eye on the Chicago market for awhile now as a way to diversify my holdings and my “man on the street” Garrett Steve of Chicago Rent Finders has recently reported in on several new buildings that are putting the “lux” in luxury.

The North Water Apartments 340 E. North Water, Streeterville Chicago are promising a bevy of high end accoutrements in the form of flooring, cabinetry and of course views. Luxury has officially arrived in Streeterville. Co-located with the Loews hotel, this stylish new building promises to deliver a world-class living experience.

The development of this property is an interesting story itself. Read about tower’s development here: http://arcchicago.blogspot.com/2013/01/coolest-construction-site-in-city.html

Jones Apartments 220 West Illinois St in River North, in Chicago offers luxury with a twist. Catering to those individuals who not only want top-notch accommodations but demand a more eco-friendly, sustainable approach, Jones embodies both spirits quite well.

And as you can imagine the case in a city as vibrant as Chicago there are many more recent additions to the skyline that offer something for everyone. Still, closer to home there are plenty of luxury condos available in the greater Oklahoma City and Tulsa downtown areas as well.

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