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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Are you looking for carpet cleaning tips for your home? Do you want to keep your carpets looking good without a lot of effort? Give these tips a try and your carpet will be soft andcarpet cleaning fresh.

  • Shoes off before you come in the house – Never walk in your home with your shoes on. This brings in a lot of dirt and makes your carpets look dingy. If the high traffic areas in your home look dirty, it because you are wearing shoes in your home. Simply take them off before you come in the house and your carpets will look a lot better.
  • Vacuum every day – You should run your vacuum every single day if you want your carpets to stay clean. This will get rid of any dirt that may have made it in your house and prevent dirt from accumulating on your carpet. At the very least, run your vacuum after dinner. At this time, people aren’t walking around and you’ll make the most of your cleaning.
  • Clean carpet stains quickly – Be sure to clean any stains on your carpet as soon as they happen. If you leave them, they’re going to soak into to your carpets and they’ll be difficult to get rid of.
  • Always blot stains – Never scrub a stain on your carpet. That will work the stain into your carpet and make it worse. Instead, blot the stain with a damp cloth. This will pick up the stain and prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Steam clean twice a year – Steam clean your carpets at least twice¬† a year for best results. Once every 6 months is a great goal to have.

Start using these carpet cleaning tips today and you’ll keep your carpets as soft and fresh as the day you got them.